1. Electronic Toll & Traffic Management System (ETTM)

    Electronic Toll & Traffic Management System (ETTM)!
  2. Truck Weighing Systems

    Truck Weighing Systems!
  3. Urban Traffic Control Systems (UTC)

    Urban Traffic Control Systems (UTC).
  4. Operations & Management Services

    Operations & Management Services
  5. Maintenance & Support Services

    Maintenance & Support Services!

"By the Grace of Allah in April 2012 we have completed 10 years of our existence. The road has been eventful and we have had to surmount many hurdles . From an Initial team of two we are now over a 1000. We continue to expand but within our Managerial capabilities and are actively exploring more venues. With a competent and dedicated Group of Friends (TolLink Team) and with the confidence of our Clients, we feel that we are well poised to tackle the future."

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